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Samora Sixaba Alliance Movement (SSAM) is a movement centered at bringing gifted individuals together from different walks of life and creating a safe central hub for skills exchange.  Samora Sixaba is a philosopher with a particular interest in theoretical physics, specifically Quantum Gravity and time travel research and applications therein. He is an avid lover of the arts, creativity and everything spiritual. A self proclaimed "Greatest Magician of All Time", the Carribean "Professor Charles Xavier".


Past Events


The Black Power Station

November 06, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Please do the subscribes things that youtube people do lol, eish why are there no emoticons on this thing coz i'm really laughing here and lol doesn't do it justice lmao. Also use the chat thing man, i'll answer, khanibe clever wethu ndincedana nani apha tshin.

Does SSAM provide funding opportunities?

Yes. SSAM provides assistance to promising and gifted individuals that seek to establish themselves as creative entrepreneurs. Currently any assistance offered by SSAM comes directly from Samora Sixaba's personal funds and will be allocated in scrutiny.

Can I apply for jobs through SSAM?

The network of businesses provided by SSAM offers a direct link to company HR personnel. The relationship held with these gifted companies is such that when they have a job vacancy they will alert SSAM members, to which members can answer the call for job applications directly.

Can I advertise my company through SSAM?

SSAM is not an advertising agency. In the existing network of businesses in SSAM, one can get in touch with a marketing agency through SSAM or the company's own contact page.

How can I become a member?

Yeah, realized I'm not down with the weird membership stuff. If you want to keep up to date nam qha then do the membership otherwise move on Ntate asigcwlanga ngawe kwa thina lmao lol I amuse myself though lmao. I think I'm the coolest being since the beginning of time (cooler than God if I may say so myself lol)

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